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Barrington's AC Repair and Cooling System Specialists

Barrington's AC Repair and Cooling System Specialists, Barrington, NJ

Barrington's AC Repair and Cooling System Specialists

The expert mechanics at John's Auto Service in Barrington know how to help high-performance drivers and engines keep their cool. At John's Auto Service we offer AC repair for high-performance cars and trucks including BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz.

When it comes to cooling, we offer so much more than just air conditioning repair. As high-performance car owners add EFI, superchargers or use alternative fuels, heat builds up in the engine. That can reduce performance and cause high cost auto repairs down the road.

Come to John's Auto Service and let us diagnose issues with heat build-up. Every day we install quality high-performance oil coolers, radiators with high flow water pumps and flex fans for driving enthusiasts in Barrington. Need a high flow thermostat with a 180-degree open temperature rating so you can get back in the race fast? When it comes to keeping your engine cool on the track or around town, John's Auto Service is the name you can trust.

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